Ready, Set, Buy Part 2

Ready, Set, Buy

Part 2 of 3

Smart planning and preparation gets a buyer ready to shop for a new home. Excited and filled with anticipation, the buyer’s search begins! However, a buyer must also apply wisdom to the process. The following acronym will help you remember how to make this important financial and personal decision:
Withstand  Inspect Select  Examine
The old saying, “All that glitters is not gold,” holds true in a home search. Buyers are understandably attracted to homes that shine with new cosmetic updates. Sometimes, though, cosmetics detract from structural problems that eventually threaten a new homeowner’s financial security. Wise homebuyers will ascertain that the structural aspects and big-ticket items associated with a home are in good shape. Remember, that you can always correct small cosmetic issues over time. Withstand buying a home that looks good outwardly but has unseen problems.
Speaking of the “bones” of a house, once a contract has been executed homebuyers should hire a licensed inspector to thoroughly look over the house. We also recommend a termite inspection, and in fact, some lenders require it to obtain a loan. If the home has a pool, it will need a separate inspection. At times, we may encourage buyers to also have foundation, roof or HVAC inspections, if the general inspector expresses concern about any of those items. So, one of our significant wisdom words is Inspect.
Regardless of how thorough the inspections are, things still break down. It’s always a good idea to have a home warranty. But not all home warranty companies are created equally. Select a home warranty company wisely because they generally have the reputation of finding loopholes to escape making repairs in your home. As Realtors, we build relationships with certain home warranty representatives in order to advocate for our clients, if necessary. We also provide our clients with tips on how to position themselves to get the most out of their home warranties.
Finally, during the option period it is wise to Examine the neighborhood. Travel through the neighborhood during various times of the day and night to ascertain the activity. Observe what’s going on surrounding the neighborhood. Do your due diligence by checking crime reports in the neighborhood and the sex offender list. Notice how well the neighbors care for their properties. Careful examination will pay off!
So… get set by being wise and having fun! Happy house-hunting!
Article written for and featured in Link Magazine

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