Ready, Set, Sell Part 3

Part 3 of 3
For most people, a home represents their greatest financial investment. For that reason, the listing process warrants careful consideration, hard work and attention to detail. We like to use a simple, easy-to-remember acronym to drive home the significance of three aspects of the selling process: Price Details Quality.
Arriving at a list price is one of the toughest decisions made by homeowners. An experienced real estate professional plays a vital role in this task. Using a comparative market analysis, Realtors examine recent home sales in the neighborhood. They compare those sales with the client’s home and make adjustments up or down to determine a listing price range.
Depending on their goals, sellers choose from the higher or lower end of that range. At times, sellers are tempted to price their home higher than the range given by the Realtor.
But, this is risky. If priced correctly, the best opportunity to sell the home is ordinarily within the first few weeks of listing. An overpriced home tends to remain on the market longer, making it more difficult to sell and vulnerable to a lower sales price.
When a list price is ascertained, it’s time to demonstrate value. Prepare a list that includes all updates, upgrades and repairs. Pull receipts that provide specific details and dates. Describe the benefits of those amenities. Include even small updates and repairs. Details enhance an extensive marketing campaign designed to sell your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time.
Quality advertising brings buyers. One of those buyers and the seller will execute a contract… and Viola!… closing is in sight.
But, there are still tasks to complete. High-quality work on the part of the listing agent gets sellers to the closing table. During the option period, the listing agent advises sellers on how to prepare for a successful home inspection. Next, both the buyer and the property must be approved for financing. An experienced listing agent takes necessary steps to get ready for an appraiser’s visit. After financing is approved, buyers will perform a final walk-through prior to closing. Though often overlooked, the final walk-through is the home’s most important viewing. Any nicks or scrapes during move out should be repaired so that the buyer is ready to close. As listing agents, closing provides us great joy and satisfaction because our hard, quality work helped our clients accomplish their goals!
With that in mind…..Get Ready, Get Set & Sell!
Article written for and featured in Link Magazine

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