Ready, Set, Sell Part 2

Ready, Set, Sell!

Part 2 of 3-Part Series: Set

One simple slogan helps set a house in motion to sell:  Live in your home one way;  list your house another way! Though simple, this impactful statement prepares our sellers in three ways: detach, stage and protect.


First, we detach. In times of joy and disappointment, families grow, mature and build life-long memories at home. If only those walls could talk, they would unfold the novel of our lives. And that is the point! Walls cannot talk! When selling, that home becomes a mere house. Memories stay in our hearts and move to the next dwelling and a new phase in life.


Second, we stage. Home represents personal décor complete with family photos and reminders of special times, places and people. A house, on the other hand, is a blank canvas waiting on the new owner’s unique flair to make it his or her own. Most buyers find it difficult to visualize their belongings in a house packed with the current owner’s stuff. Buyers become fascinated with the seller’s memorabilia rather than the house itself. In staging, we create open spaces free of clutter and distraction. We minimize accessories on mantels, countertops, walls and furniture. Buyers must picture their own furniture, accessories and photos in the house. Even more importantly, a buyer’s first house viewing is online. In staging a home for photos, less is more. Minimalism creates a photogenic house. Remember, setting a house to sell means preparing it to be someone else’s new home.


Third, we protect. Regarding security, we really do live one way and list another way. Photos, names, and ages of children should not be available for public viewing. Remove weapons and ammunition from the home. Place jewelry under lock and key. Secure money, mail and checkbooks. Hand-held electronic equipment and prescription drugs are easy to snatch and place in a purse. Bear in mind, visitors will be opening drawers and closets.


Selling a home is the beginning of a new journey in life. When it’s time to sell get set. Focus on the adventure ahead, and turn your home back into a house.

Article written for and featured in Link Magazine

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